Keep your septic system running smoothly with Down John!

Use Down John, the 3 part annual treatment for septic systems. Down John increases biological activity, which counters the harmful effect of bleaches and detergents of helpful bacteria. Down John will remove sludge, clean tank and lateral lines, reduce odor, and reduce the need for pumping.The recommended treatment is 1 kit every six months to maintain a working system. For a system with existing problems, stronger dosages may be needed. We recommend treating with 1 kit per month for 3 consecutive months.



Will Down John work in a failing septic field?

Down John will bring improvement to any failing leach field, as the effluent active bacteria eat the clogging sludge and allow increased flow through the lateral lines into the more absorbent soil.

Easy as 1….    2….    3….

Pack 1 contains a high surface area carbon-like material that removes household chemicals, bleach, detergents, and

soaps that normally kill off the septic tank bacteria. It also provides an excellent matrix for improved bacterial

growth. The result is long lasting and improved septic system performance. Added on Day 1.

Pack 2 is a safe, proprietary bacteria blend that colonizes the tank and provides constant waste digestion.

Added on Day 2.

Pack 3 Contains a white powder, a high activity enzyme that will dissolve any grease that has built up in the tank.

Added on Day 3.